Forthcoming flights at St Helena Airport represent an enormous moment in St Helena’s history and is attracting equally significant and accelerating global media interest. During the recent calibration flights, for example, the SHG website, SHG Facebook page and our video sharing platforms, all tripled in user hits – and a growing number of international media outlets are newly covering St Helena’s story.

All these media outlets require material on St Helena Airport – including up to date news text, photographs, video footage and other assets – placing daily pressure on the SHG Press Office.

To make it easier and more convenient for the media, SHG today launches a new international digital ‘news-desk’ for St Helena Airport. Here the media can find and freely download everything they need to know about St Helena Airport, supported by a wealth of photographic and video material.

The media can access the site at:

 Clicking the follow’ button on the site will add your e-mail address to our database -and you will then automatically receive any news material on the airport that we add to the site.

This is a live site and a work in progress, which will continue to be populated as the airport moves towards commercial operation and as we add new material.


12 January 2016


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