The Education Committee has designated Friday 6 November, as St Helena Teacher Appreciation Day 2015.  This comes from a new emphasis within the Directorate on promoting the value of education and educators in the future of St Helena.  On this day, the entire community is encouraged to show their appreciation for the teachers who have contributed and continue to contribute so much to the Island.

Christine Scipio-O’Dean, Chair of the Education Committee, commented:

“The Education Committee and St Helena Government wish to recognise the contributions that educators make to the lives of the students they teach.  Teachers help build up society and education is the foundation on which we build the future.  Our educators deserve our thanks for their hard work.”

Director of Education, Shirley Wahler, added:

“Great teachers make a lasting impact on their students’ lives. When a young person learns from an exceptional teacher, he or she is more likely to do well in school and to succeed later in life. Teachers lift up the next generation and enrich the community.  They deserve our gratitude and support.”

All students and parents are encouraged to find a simple way to say Thank-You to our teachers.  Your appreciation could be expressed with a note of encouragement, a card, a flower from the garden, or even a simple word of thanks.  On this day, the Education Directorate also encourages past students to seek out those teachers who inspired them and who helped to develop the vibrant community that is seen today.

So please use Friday 6 November to say a special thank you to the teaching staff -past and present – across the Island.

Shirley Wahler concluded:

“The work of a teacher is always challenging, but caring, committed and compelling teachers are the foundation of any successful society.  St Helena can be justly proud of the Island’s teachers and I encourage everyone to take this opportunity to show our true appreciation for their work.”


27 October 2015



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