Derrie Yon, Laura Lawrence
Derrie Yon, Laura Lawrence

Derrie Yon and Laura Lawrence have recently returned from the UK after completing their university studies and are now employed at Prince Andrew School as English teachers.  Both Laura and Derrie teach Key Stage Three, Four and Five students and specialise in the subject areas of English Literature and Language at A level.

After gaining a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Creative Writing in 2014, Derrie completed her one-year Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at Bath Spa University in south-west England.

Derrie spoke about her reasons for choosing a career in teaching:

“Whilst doing my A levels, I knew I wanted to be in Education and when I began tutoring a friend I enjoyed it so much and knew this was something I wanted to pursue.  Whilst in the UK, I volunteered for a Church of England School and that reassured me that a career in teaching was the right path for me.”

Laura embarked on a different route into teaching, as she became a locally qualified teacher under the direction of Wendy Benjamin, before her departure in 2011 to study in the UK.  Laura completed her BA Honours in English Language and Communication, with English Language Teaching – allowing her to teach at a higher level in the English syllabus.  She then commenced a Masters in Education, Laura said of her experience:

“My Masters was based around recent school practices, and for my Dissertation I researched around the teaching profession and professional skills testing.  Throughout the course I became more exposed to gaining the relevant knowledge of teaching in the classroom, as well as having an insight into senior management organisation and planning.  I also had the added benefit of studying special needs situations and learning how to deal with children in different ways.”

Laura is now applying what she has learnt in the classroom and applying it to her high level teaching subjects, covering child language development, language acquisition, the history of the English language, phonetics and phonology.

Laura would like to thank her mum, dad, sister, family and friends and the Education Directorate for their support throughout her journey.  Derrie thanks all those on St Helena, and her family – who have offered her support and best wishes on her return to St Helena.


25 September 2015


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