Additional £1.2m for Safeguarding Services

As the Financial Secretary explained in his Budget Speech on 27 March 2015, SHG has recognised the importance of Safeguarding on St Helena with the introduction of a new Safeguarding Directorate. He said that this Directorate would receive £2.6m in funding for this financial year, £1.2m of which would be new money provided by DFID.

That additional £1.2m was this week secured.

Head of the Governor’s Office and Chairman of the Safeguarding Children Board, Sean Burns, explained:

“The key thing here is the recognition by DFID of the strong work being done collaboratively by all the agencies involved on St Helena.

“Of course more always needs to be done on live and historic cases of abuse, but this additional funding will help us to do just that. We welcome these additional resources.”

Assistant Chief Secretary Paul McGinnety, added:

“Working closely with our colleagues in DFID, we have identified specific areas of support needed to address new and historic cases of sexual abuse. The additional £1.2 million has now been made available to access support services, deliver training across the Island, and recruit key professionals.”


10 April 2015



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