Dr Francisco Reyes Milian
Dr Francisco Reyes Milian

The St Helena General Hospital has recently welcomed two new Doctors to their Health Service Team.

From Guatemala, Central America, joining the Team is Specialist Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Dr Francisco Reyes Milian and Specialist Anaesthetist with general medicine duties, Dr Erick Diaz Rivera (photos attached).

Dr Francisco’s role is to take care of all pregnant women tending the Hospital, looking after them from the beginning right through to the end of their pregnancy. Dr Francisco runs the Antenatal Clinic and ensures, through checking laboratory tests and ultrasound scans, that everything is going well with the mothers, detects if there is any kind of anomaly or problem with the baby and tries to get ahead of that problem. As the Gynaecologist, Dr Francisco will tend to women with other conditions and provide advice on contraception or diseases of the uterus or ovaries for example.

Since his arrival on 25 February 2015, Dr Francisco has already delivered two babies.

He said:

“From a city of 13 million people and a big city hospital with 50 births per day, coming to St Helena is a big change for me – I have seen a lot of births in my life.

“The Hospital here is very well structured, it has everything basic that a Hospital needs and what I’m trying to do now is learn what equipment we do have and see if there is anything that we need that could improve the system here in any way.”

Dr Erick Diaz Rivera
Dr Erick Diaz Rivera

Dr Francisco is settling into his new role and familiarising himself with the Hospital and its staff.

Anaesthetist, Dr Erick, will take over the anaesthetic role currently held by Dr Atilla who is soon leaving the Island.  Dr Erick will provide anaesthesia in the theatre as well as carry out practice duties on Mondays and Fridays when he will tend patients at the clinics. Dr Erick will also be able to provide a certain level of intensive care to patients if required.

Dr Erick has a wealth of experience in his field and trained for his residency of anaesthesia from 2009-2012. He has worked in Social Security in Guatemala where he gave up to 500 anaesthesias a year working with different types of patients, including Neurological patients, Proctology patients and general surgery patients. Dr Erick was also in charge of conducting kidney transplants.

He commented:

“I am looking forward to working at the General Hospital. The Hospital itself is complete and the wards are very good. I am working with a new anaesthetic machine, which is good, and I have the tools to be able to complete my work. I would like to help with renewing some of the protocols here and hopefully can provide my experience where needed.”

Both Dr Erick and Dr Francisco are enjoying the Island.


6 March 2015




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