The public is advised that a major incident exercise will take place on the morning of Thursday, 12 February 2015. This exercise is being organised to allow the Island’s Emergency Services to practice their processes for dealing with someone who arrives on-Island with a suspected highly infectious disease.

This exercise forms part of a wider strategy to ensure that St Helena can cope in the highly unlikely event of such a disease being diagnosed. The most significant part of the strategy is stopping any highly infectious diseases from arriving here in the first place.

St Helena Government has already in place robust processes to prevent this from happening but in the interests of public protection, and to meet international obligations, it is important that the Island is prepared and able to deal with the arrival of a person carrying an infectious disease. The training exercise will enable SHG to practice the procedures already in place and allow staff to familiarise themselves with specialist equipment.

During the exercise there may be a small amount of disruption on the wharf and other locations for which SHG apologises and thanks the public in advance for their co-operation.


3 February 2015


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