A Major Incident Exercise took place on Friday 23 October 2015 to test the emergency services’ response to a simulated Airport emergency. The scenario was a challenging one and was the first time the Airport emergency services were deployed with the local teams.

Overall, whilst there were many lessons learned, the exercise demonstrated that the teams can work well together when responding to an incident. Future exercises will test this interoperability further to improve the response to any Airport emergencies.

Chief of Police, Trevor Botting said:

“This exercise was challenging and whilst there are a number of points that will help us to improve the way we work, it demonstrated that the emergency teams from the Airport and from St Helena more generally can work together in an operational context.”

Aerodrome Manager, Nigel Spackman, added:

“These exercises are an essential part of the Airport certification process and are designed to give the Regulator confidence in our ability to operate the Airport safely and to identify areas for improvement.  It was clearly proven that SHG Emergency Services and the Airport teams can work together effectively, albeit that there are – as expected – areas where we can improve. 

“I look forward to working with SHG on making this a success for all agencies.


27 October 2015



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