Lisa Joshua, of the Briars, has been awarded the opportunity to attend university in the UK, and will study a Bachelor of Education (BEd) in Primary Teaching, with the opportunity of gaining Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) and of specialising in the subject of music.

Lisa has been offered a place at Winchester University this Autumn and her course will embrace core curriculum subjects in addition to professional studies and school-based experiences.

Lisa has always been interested in working with younger children, and said:

“From having a younger brother and helping him out, I have always loved working with younger children.  This is where my passion began, and I have always enjoyed being a role model. 

“My love of music also developed at an early age – singing, playing instruments and performing.  Both sides of my family have a musical background and I wanted to combine these interests by training to become a music teacher.”

Lisa completed her sixth form studies in 2014, and stayed on to complete her A level ICT qualification over the last year, in order to obtain the requirements for her university course.  In conjunction with her A level studies, Lisa also enrolled in the local teacher training programme and observed in both St Pauls Primary and Prince Andrew schools.  During this time, Lisa continued her musical interests and assisted with the primary schools end of year play and Prince Andrew School’s vocals group.

Lisa will be leaving St Helena on Tuesday 18 August and wishes to thank Wendy Benjamin who encouraged her to take on the challenge as early as 2012 when she underwent work experience.  She also wishes to thank Tina Lucy who pushed Lisa to pursue music and Christine Blake who guided Lisa during her year’s teaching training programme.

Lisa spoke of aspiring to gaining Qualified Teaching Status:

“QTS will allow me to become a qualified teacher internationally.  I also get the added experience of learning from other cultures and bringing that experience back to St Helena.”


17 August 2015


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