Dr Martin Collins
Dr Martin Collins

Dr Martin Collins (pictured) arrived on Island on 14 October 2015 to undertake his role as Fisheries Scientist on the Darwin Plus funded project: Sustainable Development and Management of St Helena’s Fisheries and Marine Tourism. Martin is initially on Island until 6 January 2016, and will return three more times during the project which will see him return in March and August 2016 and again in February 2017.

Martin will develop a fisheries science programme that will underpin the sustainable management of St Helena’s fisheries and build into a fisheries management strategy. He will also be analysing historic data to investigate how the sea surface temperature influences the catch of tuna in St Helena waters.

Martin will also be building a new database to store fish catch and to measure and weigh fish. He also plans to establish a tagging programme for Yellowfin Tuna and some of the inshore species.

Martin said:

“I want to help St Helena get better prices for sustainably caught fish on the export market. There is strong demand for sustainably caught, pole and line tuna, and I think there are opportunities for St Helena to meet some of this demand.”

Martin has worked in the areas of fish and fisheries for over twenty years. After he graduated from university, his first job was as a fisheries observer in the Falkland Islands. He then studied for a PhD in Ireland and was a lecturer at Aberdeen University. From there he worked as a marine biologist with the British Antarctic Survey from 2002-2009. His most recent job was Chief Executive and Director of Fisheries for the Government of South Georgia.

Martin added:

“A good fisheries science programme can help demonstrate and improve sustainability and best practice. This job will involve me spending time at the processing plant at Rupert’s and going out to sea on fishing boats – which I am really looking forward to.”

6 November 2015


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