Executive Council met today, Tuesday 12 May 2015.

The Acting Governor welcomed the Honourable Gavin Ellick to the meeting as a temporary Member of ExCo in the absence of Councillor Tony Duncan (currently on overseas business), the Honourable Derek Thomas, who recently returned from overseas business, and also Niall O’Keeffe from Enterprise St Helena as an observer.

The first item was a discussion with Mr Peter Wilson, an independent consultant appointed by DFID to review the activities of Enterprise St Helena. The discussion highlighted the progress made by Enterprise St Helena in terms of achieving their milestones over the past year where emphasis was placed on supporting local businesses.  Council supported the need for an ongoing programme that would support longer term economic development and acknowledged the recent improved progress made within Enterprise St Helena.

Executive Council approved the RMS Shipping Schedule from April 2016 to July 2016 and noted the proposed booking policy for these final voyages of the RMS St Helena. Details of this schedule will be released soon, along with the booking policy, which ensures passage availability to Islanders before the international market.

The final Item was the approval of the Capital Programme for 2015/16. This programme includes key infrastructure requirements for the Island including new sewage treatment plants, upgrade of systems for irrigation, further water storage requirements, the Prison, Fire Station, Barn View and assistance with the development of Rupert’s.

Under Any Other Business a discussion took place regarding a letter received from St Helenians residing on the Falkland Islands who will potentially experience difficulty in accessing their home country once air access is operational. Executive Council acknowledged their concerns and noted that discussions were ongoing to address these concerns.

The meeting concluded at 11.15am.


12 May 2015


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