Phillip Xavier
Phillip Xavier

Phillip Xavier (pictured) arrived on Island on 7 November 2015 to undertake his role as a Detective Constable specialising in assault cases for St Helena’s Police Service.

Phillip, who is on Island for one year, will investigate crimes involving sexual assaults and domestic violence, and will also assist with other investigations as required.

Phillip spoke of his main role on St Helena:

“Policing in St Helena is obviously different to the UK – it is a small Island where everyone knows each other and systems that you would take for granted in the UK are not available here. This means that policing work here is challenging in a completely different way.”

Phillip joined the police in 2004 and became a Detective Constable in 2007. Since then he has worked in a variety of departments in major CID roles. Initially training to become a DC in Brighton, Sussex, which was a very busy office where there were new investigations and prisoners who needed dealing with daily. The investigations that Phillip worked on covered a wide range of offences including robberies, serious assaults, high value thefts, burglaries and sexual assaults. After the CID, Phillip worked in the Anti-Victimisation Unit in Brighton for two years, investigating domestic violence cases and crimes involving vulnerable adults. He then moved onto the Major Crime Team for three and a half years, dealing with murders, manslaughters, stranger rapes and kidnaps – before taking up employment on St Helena.

Phillip added:

“I became a Police Officer and continue to be a Police Officer so that I can help people when they need it and make a difference in their lives. I truly hope that during my time living and working on St Helena, I can help victims of crimes by supporting them and listening to them – which will in turn allow me to investigate the crimes they report, and hopefully lead to a successful outcome.”

Phillip concluded:

“I have been very fortunate to work in a variety of police settings investigating a wide range of offences and working with many colleagues. This has given me a very broad range of skills and knowledge to bring with me to St Helena.

“More generally, I am also looking forward to meeting St Helena residents and experiencing the Island’s culture.”

17 November 2015


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