On the afternoon of Thursday 5 February 2015, while out on routine inspection, Rock Guards, from the Environment and Natural Resources Directorate (ENRD), discovered a rock, approximately one cubic metre in size that required stabilisation – the rock was located above Chubbs Spring.

At approximately 8.30am the following day (Friday 6 February 2015), the Rock Guards re-inspected the site with the SHG Roads Manager for approval to carry out stabilisation works.  Due to the potential hazard the unstable rock presented to the safety of residents and their properties, the Roads Manager initiated the Rockfall Emergency Plan.

A collaborative meeting chaired by the Police Directorate and including Rock Guards, the Roads Manager, Fire Service personnel and the Emergency Planning Manager, was held to discuss the operational plan to deal with the hazard. The operational plan consisted of planning road closures, informing affected households of the works at short notice, evacuation of residents, providing temporary welfare for the affected households, and dealing with the actual rock stabilisation.

Police Officers visited the affected households and residents on Friday to inform them of the work that needed to be carried out and the arrangements made for their safety and welfare.  The decision to evacuate households was a necessary precautionary measure.

Stabilisation works took place on Saturday, 7 February 2015. At 6am residents were evacuated from the affected houses to the Jamestown Salvation Army Hall. The Police and Fire Service closed Constitution Hill Road and remained on standby.

Stabilisation work started at 6.30am and was completed at 9.30am, when residents were given the ‘all clear’ to return to their properties.

ENRD, the Police and Emergency Services would like to thank the residents for their cooperation and understanding and the Salvation Army for their excellent selfless work.

ENRD Rock Guards inspect the Island on a regular basis, monitoring and making safe potential hazards for the protection of the Island community, visitors and infrastructure.


10 February 2015






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