An Apprenticeship Awareness Workshop was held, for the first time, on Thursday 26 February 2015, at the Education Learning Centre in Jamestown.

The workshop was organised by the Lifelong Learning Services with input from Enterprise St Helena, enabling all apprentices to come together. The day reminded apprentices of the requirements of an Apprenticeship and covered the importance of good work ethics, health and safety and injecting motivation. It was also an opportunity to hear apprentices’ views and to build a vision for the future in a fun learning environment.

Facilitators, Work Development Co-ordinator, Cynthia Bennett, Construction Training Manager, David Goodrick of Enterprise St Helena, and Teacher Training Advisor, Christine Blake gave presentations throughout the day. A total of 31 apprentices attended the workshop, all of whom gave positive feedback.

Cynthia commented:

“Overall the day was very successful.  All apprentices seemed to have enjoyed the day, increased their learning and became more motivated.

Apprentices and Facilitators
Apprentices and Facilitators

From the feedback that we received, apprentices felt that it was very interesting and useful.  However, there were also some very good suggestions for future improvements – this was much appreciated by the directorate.” 

Judging from the results of the workshop on Thursday, the Education Directorate felt it would be beneficial to organise at least two workshops a year for apprentices.

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2 March 2015


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