Friday 8 May – Sunday 10 May will mark the 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day.  The celebrations in St Helena will echo those in London by celebrating those who contributed to the War effort throughout the Second World War.

Friday 8 May will be a day of Remembrance.  A service will be held at the Cenotaph in Jamestown at 2.55pm including a 2 minute silence, marking the moment Sir Winston Churchill broadcasted his speech formally announcing the end of the War.

Members of the public are invited to attend this service which will be led by the Vicar General, The Venerable Dale Bowers.  There will not be a March on Parade on this occasion but everyone taking part in the service is asked to assemble at the Cenotaph by 2.50pm.

Also on Friday, 8 May at 9.32pm a Beacon will be lit on the Terrace directly above the Archway in Jamestown, in tribute to World War II veterans; all are invited to attend.

A service of thanksgiving will be held at St James Church at 3pm on Sunday, 10 May; all are welcome to attend this service.

Victory in Europe, generally known as VE Day was formerly celebrated on 8 May to mark the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender of its armed forces, marking the end of World War II in Europe.


1 May 2015


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