The Statistics Office is now in the final stages of preparing the Questionnaire to be used in the 2016 Population & Housing Census.  In addition to the traditional paper questionnaire, there will also be an option to complete it online.

The pilot exercise held in November provided useful feedback which is being incorporated in the design of the final questionnaire.  During the development of the Census consultations have been held and feedback has been given by the general public and key stakeholders. Thanks to the efforts of everyone who took part, the team has been able to develop the best possible Census questionnaire for St Helena.

Dr Paula McLeod, Statistician and Census Supervisor, said:

Online completion may be a better option for some households – many people now prefer to complete and return information online rather than filling out traditional paper forms. For some households, the opposite will be true.  

“Online completion carries advantages for the Statistics Office, as it is cheaper to administer and we have much quicker access to the data.  As a new option, it is natural that there will be some questions and concerns – but we are working to make sure that online completion is easy, secure and at no cost to the respondent.

Additional megabytes will be provided to households to ensure that online completion does not ‘cost’ anything to people taking up this option. To ensure resources are allocated appropriately, the Census team requests that anyone who is interested in online completion registers their interest by providing the team with the following information:

  • A contact email-address and telephone number for you
  • Your District

You can provide this information by email (statistics@sainthelena.gov.sh) or by telephoning 22138.  Alternatively you can call via the Castle switchboard on 22470, or just pop in to the office.

Remember – We Count Because YOU Count.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the Census, or are interested in joining the team as an Enumerator, please get in touch by using the contact details above.  Please note the Statistics Office has now moved one floor up in the Castle, directly above their old office.


7 December 2015


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