In the week beginning Monday 23 November 2015 the Statistics Office will be piloting the questionnaire to be used in the 2016 Population & Housing Census.

The pilot exercise is an important stage of the Census process as this is where the questionnaire is tested to make sure it ‘works’ for St Helena – that the questions make sense, are straightforward and provide the information needed. The information collected in the 2016 Census will be used for many years to come and so we need to make sure that it is accurate and reliable – and the first stage of this is to make sure we have the right questionnaire.

The questionnaire is based on the one used in the previous Population Census in 2008, but has been further developed following consultation with the general public, private sector businesses, Elected Members and Government officials. Some questions have been refined to bring them into line with current international recommendations and best practice, ensuring Census results for St Helena will be of comparable standard to those produced by other countries who follow UN recommendations.

A number of households have been contacted and asked to participate in the pilot exercise and we would like to take this opportunity to thank these people once again for their help and cooperation. If you have not been asked to participate in the pilot but would like an opportunity to look over the questionnaire and provide feedback – then please contact the Statistics Office who will do their best to accommodate your request.

During the pilot, Statistics Officers Kelly Clingham and Justine Joshua will also be conducting fieldwork to verify the housing frame which will be used to deliver the 2016 Census. If you see these officers in your areas with maps do not be alarmed – they will not be looking for you (unless an appointment has previously been arranged) – but any help you can offer in confirming that we have identified all the homes in your area will be much appreciated.

Remember – We Count Because YOU Count.

If you have any questions about the pilot or any other aspects of the Census, please get in touch. The Statistics team can be contacted via email (statistics@sainthelena.gov.sh), telephone (22138) or just pop into The Castle for an informal chat. Please note the Statistics Office has now moved one floor up in the Castle, directly above their old office.


16 November 2015


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