The public is reminded that no unathorised vehicles can be parked on the Wharf after working hours (ie from 4pm to 8.30am Monday to Friday).  Similarly at weekends, the Wharf will be closed from 4pm Friday afternoon through to Monday morning at 8.30pm.  Members of the public can seek authorisation from Port Management, for example to drop off or pick up goods or equipment.

The lower end of the Wharf, indentified by a yellow hatched area, is a no parking zone at all times.

There is no restriction on pedestrian access, except for ship visits or break bulk cargo operations.

There have been incidents when vehicles have been parked on the lower Wharf from Thompsons Crane to Solomon’s Cargo Shed – this area must be kept clear at all times in the case of an emergency.

These parking restrictions ensure that in the event of an emergency, the Wharf can be accessed quickly by emergency services, including deployment of the sea rescue boat when necessary.


27 November 2014


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