Carleane and Jodie
Carleane and Jodie

Jodie Peters, Teacher at Harford Primary School, has recently completed the ‘Grammar for Teaching’ course, through distance learning, delivered by Support 4 Schools which is part of the UK Literacy Matters group.

The course took her approximately 2 months.

Course content included:

  •  Areas of grammar to be taught to Year 6 pupils
  • Understanding of grammar terminology and functions
  • Assessing pupils’ grammar knowledge
  • Planning and implementing appropriate progress steps for pupils
  • Evaluating pupils’ learning attainment

Carlean Crowie, Head Teacher of Harford Primary School, said:

“Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation have recently been an additional paper to the KS2 SATs examinations.  As part of continuous professional development and to support teachers with preparing pupils for their exams, ‘Grammar for Teaching’ was offered to all staff in our Primary schools.   A number of staff opted to do this course and Jodie was the first to complete it.”

Jodie commented:

“I enjoyed ‘Grammar for Teaching’ and found it very beneficial.  It helped me recognise the standard of grammar that needs to be taught to Year 6 children and also allowed me to identify the next steps for teaching grammar to my Key Stage 1 pupils.  This has helped me in my professional and career development.  Being able to deliver and provide an excellent education to my students here at Harford is my priority.” 

Carlean added:

“I am thrilled with Jodie’s accomplishment.  It demonstrates her will to provide the best possible teaching and learning experiences for her pupils.   It also illustrates her recognition that KS2 SATs is not just the responsibility of the Yr 6 teacher but that lower aged group teachers have the responsibility of providing the foundation for the Yr 6 teacher to build on.”

A picture of Jodie and Carlean is attached.


7 July 2014




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