Over the past year, St Paul’s Primary School has operated its own Swimming Club at the Jamestown Pool on Friday afternoons from 3:30 to 4:30.  Children have grown in speed and stamina and many children who were once strugglers are now becoming competent swimmers, with their technique improving constantly.  The PTA has invested money into the swimming club, with floats and swim caps bought.

For their sponsored swim on 30 May, children were tasked to swim a set number of lengths within a particular time.  The older Key Stage 2 children swam 20 lengths in under an hour, whereas the lower school swam 10 lengths in 40 minutes.  Twenty six children showed how much fitter they have become over the year by completing the lengths in under the time provided.  They did their school proud by completing the lengths with what the instructors described as ‘Style, Speed and Stamina’. The money raised by the 26 swim club members – over £400 – will be put back into the PTA fund and be used to buy future sports equipment.

The prize for the most money raised and most sponsors collected went to Jordana Peters.  Other children who received prizes for most effort were Brooke Yon, Lara Lawrence, Kiera Joshua, Taylor Bennett, Annika Lawrence and Jerome Peters.  Certificates were presented to the children by Mr Johnny Dillon, who also donated two new stopwatches to St Paul’s Swim Club.

St Paul’s Primary would like to thank Mr Colin Williams who transports the children to the pool, to Mr Johnny Dillon who gave two lanes especially for the swimming club during swim sessions, for the support and cooperation of the swim instructors and most importantly for the help of parents and guardians who collect children from the pool. Without your support and help, the Swim Club would not be the success which it has become.

Paul’s Primary

Education Directorate


10 June 2014 


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