Waste Cell
Waste Cell

The Solid Waste Project, a major SHG capital project to provide improved waste management systems on St Helena is making good progress.

The project will not only significantly improve solid waste management for every resident and visitor but also has strong input towards the Island gaining Airport certification, whilst also providing opportunities for waste minimisation and recycling – contributing towards a ‘greener’ St Helena.

The first phase of the project are the current redevelopment works taking place at the Horse Point Landfill site to put in place the infrastructure, facilities, systems and procedures required to establish an effective long-term Solid Waste Management Strategy for St Helena. The redevelopment is an important component within the St Helena Airport Project, as it addresses the potential bird strike risk that the landfill could present when the Island’s Airport is operational.

HG Health and Social Welfare Team with new Waste Cell in the background
HG Health and Social Welfare Team with new Waste Cell in the background

Solid Waste Management Project Manager, Mike Durnford, explains:

“The simple fact is – households dispose of organic waste, the waste is disposed of at the landfill site and the birds feed on the organic waste. The close proximity of the landfill to the Airport means that birds pose a threat to aircraft by what is known as ‘bird-strike’. “To minimise the risk of bird-strike, the project provides a bird netting system, improved disposal methods and other measures such as pigeon monitoring, pigeon culling, promoting organic waste composting and waste minimisation more generally.”

Currently on Island is James Chignell, Technician Supervisor overseeing the bird netting installation at the landfill site and providing training to staff responsible for the servicing, maintenance and moving of the netting system as required.

Mike explains:

“The bird netting is designed to sit above the active waste cell, which is 24m x 12m. The netting is supported by 4 x 12m high masts mounted on solid bases. It is designed to prevent access to birds to feed on the organic within the waste cell.”

Future visitors to Horse Point Landfill site can expect to see significant signs of redevelopment, including a new road network within the site, the bird netting system which will be in place from next week, the construction of a new waste reception building and a civic recycling centre for the safe disposal of recyclables and other wastes.

Mike said:

“To date, the redevelopment of the site is on time – estimated completion is 12 May 2014 – and within scope and budget. SHG has an excellent working relationship with the contractor Basil Read who have been extremely helpful. We are also fortunate to have the professional services of Bill Scanes, SHG’s Construction Phase Project Manager, without whom the redevelopment phase of the project would not have been the success it has been to date.”

The project will also provide specialist vehicles and plant for use on site, plus two new Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs), and wheelie bins that will be issued to all households to modernise the domestic waste collection service. Key stakeholders involved in the project include the Environment and Natural Resources Directorate, the Airport Directorate and the Health and Social Welfare Directorate. Two photos are attached to this release.


11 February 2014


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