LWR3 (2)Repair work on the road from Hutts Gate to Longwood Gate, which began on Monday 28 April 2014, is progressing well.  The road is closed Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during working hours with short periods allowing traffic to pass.  The original opening time of 4pm for the road each day has been rescheduled to 3pm to reduce the inconvenience to road users.

The work will deliver an outcome where the road will be safe in an interim period, before the road is closed for major repairs once the Haul Road is open and accessible to the public.

The edges of the road are being reinstated where necessary, which involves bringing the edges that have dropped up to the level of the rest of the road and resurfacing the repaired edges.  Under-land drains are also being upgraded – the existing drains are not able to cope effectively with storm water and this causes damage to the road surface.  Addressing this problem now will help prolong the life of the road.

Derek Henry, Deputy Director of the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate commented:

“The roads team, under the direction of Chris Williams, is doing an excellent job.  The repair works on Longwood Road are progressing well with over 1000m² of edging upgraded and repaired.  This involves rebuilding the depressed and broken edges with hardcore and rubble up to the existing road level and sealing with two coats of chip and tar. Five under-land drains have also been upgraded.  It was decided to upgrade the drains now as we are coming up for our winter months and the new drains will better manage any storm water on the road and prolong its life.LWR1 (2)

“I thank all involved for their hard work and team effort in ensuring that the work is completed as speedily as possible to minimise the disruption to road users. The public is also thanked for their understanding and cooperation.’

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12 May 2014



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