PUBLIC MEETING ON ROADWORKS – Harford Community Centre, Wed 22Jan 2014



On the evening of Wednesday 22 January, the Highway Authority and Roads Section held a Public Meeting at Harford Community Centre to seek views on the possibility of a Road Closure to repair the road from Longwood Gate to Hutts Gate. Approximately 65-70 residents and businesses attended to give their views and ideas, and thanks are given to all who contributed.


The meeting split into nine different tables, with each asked four key questions.  Responses from each group were written down and afterwards all rejoined for a wider discussion about the options and impacts raised.  The sheets were collected for analysis. The results are as follows:

 What are the 3 biggest impacts to the Community?


  • Schools/Nurseries (5 out of 9)
  • Workers (4 out of 9)
  • Private Contractors/Deliveries (3 out of 9)

 The Roads Section really needs blocks of 4 hours of full closure to carry out the works.


  • What times during the week are best to allow this?
  • Are there any times during the week when more than 4 hours could be provided?
  • Are there any periods when the road simply has to be open?              (eg. 8-9am to get to work)

Unsurprisingly, there was no consensus reached on these timings.  However, there was a lot of detail provided in the responses which shows what the impacts are at any given time.  This information will be critical in making the decisions.

 How would you feel about Traffic Lights or Delays at other times?


  • Traffic Lights or Stop/Go and Delays would not be a problem if properly managed and clear to drivers (5 out of 9 agreed)
  • Traffic Lights and Delays would not be a problem if properly managed and delays kept to 3-4 minutes (1 out of 9 agreed)
  • Traffic lights cause delays & frustration and complicate arrangements (1 out of 9 agreed)

Are there any other ideas for anything we can do to reduce the impact?

Top 3 answers:


  • Wait until the Haul Road is available as an alternative route (7 out of 9)
  • In the meantime, patch up, tidy up, clean up (6 out of 9)
  • Open the road from Hutts Gate to Willow Bank, out to the Clinic (4 out of 9)

Work is now underway to consider the information provided and to investigate further some of the ideas – before a meeting of the Highway Authority on Wednesday 29 January.

A second public meeting will then be held at Harford Community Centre on Wednesday 5 February at 7.30pm.  All are welcome to attend.


28 January 2014


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