It was announced on Wednesday 26 March that an isolated outbreak of the serious bird disease, Fowl Cholera, had been diagnosed in the flock of ducks at Farm Lodge, St Paul’s, St Helena.  This disease affects only birds – particularly and most seriously domestic flocks, where it is normally fatal.

Today ANRD has reported that the Veterinary Service has humanely destroyed (by lethal injection) all 75 remaining ducks on the property, and believe all have been accounted for. 

Carcasses were taken to Rupert’s after being double-bagged, sealed, and disinfected and have already been incinerated. Public Health assisted greatly in providing the bags and access to, and operation of, the incinerator.

Foot baths have been set up on the property and permits to enter the Quarantine area are in place (with specific conditions attached) for a small group of persons allowed on and off the site. Gateways have been taped off and the property zoned for movements by permit holders.

Steve and Maureen of Farm Lodge have been very cooperative, and Farm Lodge remains under Quarantine and is being monitored daily by the Senior Veterinary Officer.

No business will be conducted at Farm Lodge during the period that the property is designated a Quarantine area.

For further information please contact the Senior Veterinary Officer Joe Hollins, or in his absence, Head of ANRD Darren Duncan on telephone 24724.


28 March 2014


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