Cobbling 1
Cobbling 1

Cobble stones are now being set into the pavement in lower Jamestown (pictured) outside the National Trust building, as part of the wider Main Street Enhancement Project – under the direction of the St Helena National Trust, which has offered the services of its Built Heritage Team (BH Team).

The plan for the Main Street pavement included the provision of cobbles, or ‘beetle stones’, between the steps of the buildings and in other areas which front the street.  These cobbles have been recovered from the original paving work, and if additional cobbles are required these will be sourced with appropriate permissions and licenses from the Environment and Natural Resources Directorate.  The new paving slabs being used for the pavement are being made locally on St Helena.

The National Trust is installing the cobbles in front of Broadway House free of charge – in recognition of the heritage value of this work and in order to demonstrate the skills of the Trust’s Built Heritage Team.  The BH Team is made up of Tom Wortley, Darren Williams and Brandon Bone, each of whom has previous experience of this work.  Darren and Brandon both hold NVQ qualifications in the Conservation of Built Heritage.  These three individuals, under the supervision of Kevin George (Operations Manager of the National Trust), will carry out the remainder of the Main Street cobbling work, under a sub-contract to be negotiated between the main contractor (Brian Leo) and the Main Street Project Working Group.

Cobbling 2
Cobbling 2

Jeremy Harris, Director of the St Helena National Trust, commented:

“The integration of cobbles in the design for the Main Street pavement recognises the heritage of this remarkable town.  Any modern-day development will contain limited compromises, due to practical considerations and available finances, but we believe that it is imperative that historic features of Jamestown be preserved wherever possible, as St Helena prepares for a tourism-based economy with the arrival of the Airport.”

This Main Street work will be carried out both during and outside normal working hours, Monday to Friday. The Working Group apologises in advance for any inconvenience caused.



8 July 2014



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