A new school year has begun and the Island schools are planning for an exciting year ahead.  There has never been a more important time to make sure that your children make the most of the opportunities a good education gives them.

One of the easiest ways to help your children succeed in school is to make sure that they do attend school regularly. Councillor Christine Scipio-O’Dean said:

“It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that children attend school from the age 5-16. The majority of the children have strong attendance and hardly ever miss school, but unfortunately some children do not have such a good record and sometimes miss school for trivial reasons.”

The Education Directorate will now be monitoring attendance more robustly and senior officers within the Directorate will not be slow to contact parents if it looks like a child’s attendance record is a cause for concern.

Director of Education Colin Moore concluded:

“We want all our children to enjoy learning and to take part in all the activities their school has to offer. I urge parents to help their children and young people to attend school regularly.  Don’t miss out by missing school!”


15 September 2014


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