Dottie getting ready to make her way down Mainstreet
Dottie getting ready to make her way down Mainstreet

In June 2014 work commenced on the pavement areas in lower Jamestown, as part of the Main Street Enhancement Project. Contractor Brian Leo and his team are carrying out the pavement works, managed by Pro Arc and planned and funded through Enterprise St Helena’s Tourism team. The pavements from Porteous House up to the Consulate Hotel have now been completed, as well as the area outside the Post Office building on the other side of the street.

On Friday 29 August 2014, Dorothy (Dottie) Peters from the CCC visited Jamestown especially to test the new pavements’ accessibility for wheelchair users like herself. Dottie made her way from Solomons Office to Porteous House in her electric wheelchair. She commented:

“The new pavements are a great idea and are so much easier to navigate with a wheelchair. The workers are doing a brilliant job and I am definitely looking forward to completion of the other side of the street as it will be much easier for wheelchair users like me to get into some of the shops.”

Chairperson of the Disabled Persons Aid Society, Ian Rummery, added:

“St Helena is not an easy place for wheelchair accessibility, but I am delighted that it has been a key criterion for the Main Street Enhancement Project.  The new pavements not only look great but they are going to make it easier and safer not just for wheelchair users but for all people with limited mobility and for children in pushchairs. Once the pavements have been completed there will be a wheelchair friendly crossing constructed between the two pavements. 

“On behalf of the Disabled Persons Aid Society I would like to thank everyone involved in this project who have been supportive of our efforts to improve disabled access in Jamestown.”

Work is now ongoing between the Post Office and St James’ Church.

Contractor Brian Leo said:

“The works are progressing well. We did lose a few days due to bad weather and because no kerb stones were found in some places after we had dug up the old pavement. But, despite almost every day presenting us with challenges we are completing the work and have had some good and positive feedback from the public.” 

Dottie using one of the new pavement ramps
Dottie using one of the new pavement ramps

The public are reminded that the bollards placed at intervals along the pavements are designed to protect and preserve the restored surfaces and old kerb stones. Vehicles should not be parked within these bollards on top of the pavement (in undesignated parking areas), which also obstructs wheelchair users and those with small children in pushchairs.

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1 September 2014


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