Basil Read will be blasting on the Haul Road in Upper Rupert’s Valley on Saturday 8March 2014 between the hours of 1-2pm. This blast will only commence if weather permits. 

The general public and all persons working in close proximity to the Rupert’s area are asked to please adhere to the warning signs and stay clear of the affected areas whilst the blasting operation is carried out. Security guards with red flags will be in position to assist and ensure that everyone adheres to the warnings. One long continuous siren will be sounded to indicate that the blast is taking place. The all clear is given when the siren stops.

Due to Basil Read safety measures which are imperative for this particular blast, the Solomon’s Bulk Fuel Installation and Connect Saint Helena’s Power Station are to be temporarily shut down to enable personnel to be evacuated. 

As a result of this shut down and evacuation process, Connect Saint Helena would like to advise the public that there will be an Island-wide power cut during the blasting procedure, set for 1-2pm.Power will be restored once the all clear is given by Basil Read for personnel to return safely to their stations. 

Basil Read and Connect Saint Helena Ltd appreciate your continued co-operation and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

On behalf of Basil Read and Connect Saint Helena Ltd

7 March 2014


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