Water Situation Still Serious



Residents Thanked for Reducing Consumption and Urged to Continue

A partial domestic water shutdown on St Helena remains a possibility as stored water levels at Redhill remain exceptionally low.

Consumption has remained consistent at a lessened 250 cubic metres per day – down from the average 400. The Contingency Planning Group (CPG) once again thanks residents in the Redhill zone for their efforts in reducing consumption, which has helped in stretching this valuable resource. However the message remains the same – please continue to reduce water consumption and only use for essential domestic purposes for the foreseeable future.

Over the weekend, there was a little rain and the bowsering teams took a break – meaning we still only have about 8 days supply of stored water.

Notes to Editors:

We continue to urge all residents – particularly those served by the Red Hill Treatment Plant – to do all they can to use less water. A leaflet – Your Top Ten Tips to Saving Water – is now available in local shops. Please pick up a copy.

The leaflet – reminds residents that they can save water in numerous ways, including:

• Not flushing the toilet on every occasion
• Using washing up water on the garden or vegetable patch
• Using the washing machine sparingly and only when full
• Taking a short shower instead of a bath – you can save up to 90 gallons of water a week
• Turning the tap off while brushing teeth – this could save 25 gallons of water a month
• Using a bowl when washing vegetables or fruit instead of using running water
• Checking your taps for leaks and fixing them – a small drip can amount to 20 gallons a day.

More water saving tips can be found online at http://www.thameswater.co.uk/home/540.htm

10 June 2013


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