As part of St Helena Government’s (SHG) commitment to increase transparency in the Procurement process, SHG has today made available to the public an updated Contracts Register, detailing all contracts entered into since April 2012 and those currently in use. This register is intended to give the public increased visibility into SHG’s procurement activities.

The publication of the Contracts Register now completes the full suite of documents SHG committed to publish to increase the transparency in the Procurement process.

The full document suite consists of:

1)    Procurement Regulations

2)    Terms of Reference for the Procurement Board

3)    Rolling Procurement Plan, listing upcoming procurements

4)    Contracts Register, listing all contracts SHG has entered into

5)    A Register of Waivers, detailing each occasion any requirement of the Procurement Regulations has been waived

The Contract Register together with the other above listed documents can be found on the SHG website under publications, at the following link: www.sainthelena.gov.sh/publications/ 



3 December 2013


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