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St Helena’s environment, its ecosystems, biodiversity and heritage are vulnerable to the choices and actions taken on-Island. A well managed environment is vital to the Island’s economic viability – agriculture, fishing and tourism all rely heavily on St Helena’s healthy and prosperous environment.

St Helena’s first ever State of the Environment Report provides a picture of the environment of St Helena over the 2012/13 financial year. The report examines those areas of the environment that are already being closely measured and monitored on St Helena.

Susan O’Bey, Acting Chief Secretary said:

“St Helena is going through a significant period of change and it is important that we are able to sensibly manage this. The State of Environment report provides us with a very good snapshot of the current state of our environment, and will give us a better understanding of the areas we need to address as part of our overall management plan.”

The report is set to be produced on an annual basis and it is anticipated that, as the years pass, this report will allow Environmental Management to see trends in environmental data and fill information gaps – allowing the division to effectively target efforts to manage St Helena’s unique environment.

Tara Pelembe, Director of Environmental Management, said:

“One of St Helena’s 3 National Goals is effective management of the environment. To do this, we need to monitor and report on what is happening in our environment, and develop and adapt our actions and reactions to measured changes. St Helena’s first State of the Environment Report is a step towards an evidence-based approach.”

Tara commented that it was very rewarding to have been able to produce the report with a wide range of partners and stakeholders. Tara highlighted the role of Shayla Ellick and Glen Westmore, who were instrumental in ensuring that the report was ready for publication.

The State of Environment Report is available on the St Helena Government Website,, and also attached with this press release.

10 June 2013


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