On Thursday afternoon last week there was a Rockfall that occurred on Ladder Hill Road.  The Rockguards responded immediately to investigate and the rock was found to have landed just above China Lane.  At approximately 50cm across this was one of the largest to land on the road in recent years. 

The road, including that of Ladder Hill, was closed for access whilst the Rockguards investigated the source of the rockfall. Some traffic exited Jamestown using Shy Road, but for most, entry or exit from Jamestown was not possible.

Work on the Road Closure (Briars to Gordons Post) stopped shortly before 4pm, to make preparations to let traffic through the work site. These preparations took until 4:30pm, by which time the Rockguards had found the source of the rockfall and identified that there was no further danger to the public.

Ladder Hill and Two Gun Saddle opened to traffic around 4:30pm with Two Gun Saddle closing again around 5pm.

Dave Malpas, Roads Manager, said:

“I would like to publicly thank the Rockguards for climbing the hill to investigate the cause of the rockfall in high winds.”

“I would also like to thank the Roads Section who responded swiftly in reopening the worksite, as well as the public for their cooperation.”


22 October 2013


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