Grand Parade
Grand Parade

Following the resurfacing of the Grand Parade parking areas earlier this year, the Roads Section will shortly be marking new lines for the Parking Bays. The bays will be repainted in a different layout to how it worked before.  This change has been approved by the Highway Authority

Concerns have been raised about vehicles parking indiscriminately on Event and Ship days, blocking vehicles into spaces. The previous layout did not adapt easily to these special occasions, where the demand for parking far outstrips the available spaces and some drivers feel that they have no option but to block someone else.

We have thus rotated the main area through ninety degrees. On Event or Ship days, special authorisation can be given for parking on the end of rows, without blocking other cars.  On normal days, parking will be limited to the marked spaces.

Following concerns raised by the public over the size of the spaces, these have been widened to provide greater space for drivers to get in and out of their vehicles. These changes mean that there will be reduction of two marked spaces in regular use.

The Roads Section would like to thank drivers who have been parking responsibly in the Grand Parade during the short time without the markings. We request that drivers continue this practice until the new lines are laid down.

Attached: Plan showing the new layout, plus photo of parking on Grand Parade (being blocked in) and general photo of parking on Grand Parade.


5 August 2013



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