Dr Atilla Frigyesi
Dr Atilla Frigyesi

Dr Attila Frigyesi (picture attached) has arrived on Island to serve as the new Clinical Director (SMO). Dr Frigyesi comes from the Intensive Care Unit of Lund University Hospital in Sweden. He has also previously worked in Greenland and the Faroe Islands. He is a certified specialist in anaesthesiology, intensive care medicine, cardiology and internal medicine.

Although Attila is foremost a clinician, his new post on St Helena will see him taking on a more administrative role, which Attila commented: “has a large bearing on the standards of healthcare.”

Dr Frigyesi added: “I see David Jenkins (Director of Health and Social Welfare) and myself as a team. We need to make provisions for better healthcare on St Helena, to benefit as many patients as possible. We have the same goals, though coming from different areas of expertise.”

As a cardiologist, Attila will be running a Cardiac Clinic in parallel with the nurse – led clinic already in place.

Dr Frigyesi is accompanied by his wife Emma (a Pediatrician) and their four children aged two to nine.

13 August 2013


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