Mark Brumbill


Mark Brumbill, Commercial Fisheries Development Manager, left St Helena on Sunday 7 July.  Julian Morris, Chief Executive for Economic Development, said:

“Mark had completed his initial appraisal and report on the St Helena Fishery, which sets out the many opportunities available to the Island. 

“I regret Mark’s departure, which is a loss to the Island, although I fully understand his decision to leave.  After considering a number of factors, including unfair and unwarranted comments from a few individuals, including some very serious personal threats to him and his family, Mark concluded that it would be extremely difficult for him to remain here to help Saints develop a prosperous and sustainable fishing industry.  I am grateful to Mark and his family, who made a significant commitment by leaving their home in Brazil to come here and share Mark’s skills and experience with those who want to see growth in St Helena’s fishing sector. 

“Mark identified great potential for St Helena’s fishery, provided that it can adapt to change, involving various fishing techniques and different approaches to business organisation, all matters on which he was well qualified to advise.  Looking ahead, we will build on his work by supporting a number of local fishing initiatives – the Fish Aggregation Devices and local boats trialling alternative fishing techniques, Argos moving the fishing boat The Argonaut to St Helena, the IGFA initiative and exploring the possibilities with Global Fish.”

On behalf of ESH

8 July 2013


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