Household Living Standards Survey – October 2013

The Statistics Office will be conducting a household survey in October 2013. The survey is designed to update information collected during the previous Household Expenditure Survey and also to fill important gaps in the information currently held about households on St Helena.

The information collected will be used to:

•Update the selection of goods and services monitored for quarterly checks of the Retail Price Index
•Provide accurate information on living standards and conditions on the Island
•Provide information on the typical expenditure of St Helena households, and, where possible
•Examine how spending patterns change with household income.

This information is vital in assisting Government with policy and decision making.

Participants in the survey will be asked to complete a questionnaire and to keep a diary of expenditure for a two-week period. All responses to questions, and diary entries, will be kept strictly confidential. Only results relating to groups of households, or result averages will be shared with anyone in or outside of Government. No-one will be able to identify individual participants or any of the answers they provide.

Five Government officers have been appointed to act as enumerators during this survey, they are; Kelly Clingham, Liz Johnson-Idan, Justine Joshua, Tessa Roberts and Natasha Stevens. These officers have been authorised to collect data for this survey. Statistician, Paula McLeod, will be overseeing the survey and can answer any questions the public may have.

Paula said:

“Our results can only be as good as the information with which we are provided. We would very much appreciate the help and co-operation of all households who are selected. Households will be randomly selected from each administrative area.”

Selected participants will be receiving a letter of invitation in the week commencing 23 September. There will be a phased release of outputs; a high-level summary of findings is scheduled for publication in April 2014.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, or any other statistical matters, please do not hesitate to contact the Statistics Team on tel: 2138 or email:

Statistics Office
9 September 2013


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