The Education Committee met on 20 November 2013 at the Education Learning Centre. Present at this meeting were Councillors Christine Scipio-O’Dean, Nigel Dollery, Wilson Duncan, Derek Thomas and Cyril George. Also in attendance were Colin Moore, Director of Education, Beverley Francis, Deputy Director of Education, Jill Young, Librarian, Vivienne Ward, Early Years Adviser, Wendy Benjamin, Education Officer Training and Joy Peters, Committee Secretary.

The first item on the open agenda was the draft Public Library policy detailing the services currently provided, who may use the library, the library’s mission and rules and regulations.        

Vivienne Ward then gave an update on teaching practices in the three primary schools. Vivenne is working closely with two crèches on the Island and funding has been secured for two members of staff at these crèches to undergo online nursery management courses.

The third item on the agenda was the financial statements for October 2013.

Wendy Benjamin gave a comprehensive report on teacher training, that included a continuous professional development programme for the Directorate.

The first item of the closed agenda was a brief update from the Director relating to the scheme of service for teachers.

The next item was proposed Christmas festivity dates for the Directorate. The dates of the Advent services are as follows:

Pilling Primary, St James’ Church – Wednesday 4 December at 12:15pm

St Paul’s Primary, St Paul’s Cathedral – Sunday 8 December at 3pm

Harford Primary, St Matthew’s Church – Tuesday 10 December at 7pm

The third item of the closed agenda was a proposal to exempt teachers from Jury Service.

The final item was the future use of the Jamestown Infant School car park area. The Committee agreed that Pilling Primary School could expand their play area by relocating the existing fence. The Committee also agreed for the untarred space to be used as a garden production area.

Christine Scipio-O’Dean


Education Committee



25 November 2013


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