Currently on Island for an eight day visit is Education Adviser, Dr Don Taylor, from the Department for International Development (DfID).

The purpose of Dr Taylor’s visit is to monitor progress in education, training, and skills development on the Island. Dr Taylor has been visiting the four Island schools, meeting teachers, specialist staff, SHG officials and Councillors on the Education Committee. Dr Taylor will also be examining future financial and technical support needs for education on St Helena.

This is Dr Taylor’s second visit to the Island, having first visited in November 2012 for a similar length of time. About this visit Dr Taylor commented: “While it is good to see much improved GCSE exam results this year and all the efforts of the Adult and Vocational Education Service, Enterprise St Helena, and others in providing work-related skills and training, there is still room for improvement, especially in terms of raising literacy and numeracy levels amongst children in the primary schools.”

The DfID Education Adviser’s visits are an annual occurrence. DfID provides financial support for education on the Island through the recurrent budget of SHG and technical support through additional funding for teacher training, advisory teachers, and senior managers.

Previously DfID supported education on the Island through separate projects – but support for education is now provided directly to SHG, with some of the links and partnerships established under previous projects being maintained. Dr Taylor departs the Island on Thursday 7 November and will produce a short update report for DfID and SHG officials.


5 November 2013


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