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Prison Officers
Prison Officers


In an Awards ceremony held at Plantation House last evening, Prison Officers presented with certificates of Achievement for completing their Prison Officer Initial Training Course.  

HE Governor Mark Capes and Prison Manager Martin David highlighted that the Prison Officers’ work is often ‘behind the scenes’ but their jobs are paramount in the care of vulnerable individuals and the protection and security of the Island’s community.

Martin commented:

“What was a particular achievement was that the training was delivered to all the serving Prison Officers without a significant impact on the operation of the prison, which carried on running throughout. This demonstrated the flexibility and resourcefulness of the prison staff.”

Kylie Hercules

Kylie Hercules who transferred to the Prison Service from the Police in March this year as an Offender Manager/Senior Prison Officer commented:

“My job often involves dealing with court reports, probations and direct interaction with offenders.  I work with so many different people and enjoy the fact that I have an impact on the inmates’ lives. 

“Through the Prison Officer Initial Training Course we went through defence and offence techniques, whilst establishing that all our actions towards offenders need to be fully justified; for example you must first use defence moves before opting to offence. This certificate is the basis for my professional development and will be used as a stepping stone to further my career in the Prison Service.” 

St Helena Prison Officers are now trained to deliver a higher standard of security and care, ensuring that not only the public are protected but also that prisoners are being held in a safe and as decent a manner as can be achieved in the current prison.

The Prison Officer Initial Training Course began in February this year and was delivered in a modular basis, coming to completion in August.  The course involved 10 days of classroom based training, skills training in Personal Protection (Self – defence) and First Aid.  Competency was demonstrated by a number of written exams and practical assessments.  The course covered a broad range of subjects from security, searching, handcuffing and radio use, to care of the vulnerable including those at risk of self harm.


2 September 2013


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