St Helena in figures (SHIF) is a synopsis of the main statistical facts relating to St Helena.  It is intended to summarise the Island’s key characteristics.  This 2012/13 SHIF release comprises figures for financial years 2009/10 to 2012/13 and reflects data on a wide array of topics including population, production, public finance and tourism.

The SHIF complements the annual Statistical Yearbook publication which collates data in the form of tables and charts for a variety of diverse subjects.  To see more extensive and back dated information on these areas, the 2012/13 Statistical Yearbook is published on the St Helena Government website. Alternatively, you may visit the Statistics Office in the Castle courtyard or contact us on 22138 or email:

Attached are the SHIF in a PDF  format and an Excel complementary document.


10 February 2014

The Education Committee met on 22 January 2014 at the Education Learning Centre. Present at the meeting was Committee Chairman, Christine Scipio-O’Dean, and Councillors Nigel Dollery, Tony Duncan, Derek Thomas and Cyril George. Also in attendance were Director of Education Colin Moore, Advisory Teacher (ICT) Andy Day, Education Officer (Training) Wendy Benjamin, Advanced Skills Teacher (Maths) Carol Youde, Senior Executive Office (Accounts) Joanne Crowie, Capital Programme Manager, Sarah Troman, Buildings Surveyor, Tracey Goldsmith, and Committee Secretary, Joy Peters.

The first item on the open agenda was an update on Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) provision in the primary schools, presented by Mr Andy Day. The Committee was informed that the computer suites in the schools are being configured with a file server to enable students to have easy access to their work. The Primary school staff are trained on Mondays and Wednesdays to enable them to use ICT to mark books, compile reports and track spreadsheets.

Mrs Carol Youde then gave a presentation on her forthcoming overseas training in the UK.  It is anticipated that Mrs Youde will develop her knowledge and understanding of a middle manager’s role in leading subject development within the primary schools, with a key focus on developing the mathematics curriculum.  The Committee wished Mrs Youde the best of luck with her training and look forward to an update on her return.

The third item on the agenda was the financial statements for December 2013.

The Committee approved the proposed Public Library Policy that provides guidance to the staff within the Directorate. This policy will be presented to Executive Council in February for endorsement.

The first item of the closed agenda was an update from Ms Tracey Goldsmith and Ms Sarah Troman on the maintenance programme for all schools. It was agreed by all present that there was considerable work to be done.

Other items discussed were the draft Ten Year Plan for Education and the DfID Education Adviser’s report. 

Christine Scipio-O’Dean


Education Committee

SHG, 10 February 2014

Carol Youde
Carol Youde

Departing on the RMS on Friday 7February for a period of overseas training and exposure for the Education and Employment Directorate is Carol Youde (photo attached).  Carol is currently based in Pilling Primary School as an Advanced Skills Teacher (Maths), teaching Year 5/6. 

Carol’s training in the UK will focus on developing her knowledge and understanding of a middle manager’s role in leading subject development within a primary school – with a key focus on leading the mathematics curriculum.  

Carol will also gain an insight into curriculum design in the primary sector with an exposure to the International Primary Curriculum.

Carol met with the Education Committee on 22January 2014, where she gave an overview of what her training programme would entail, to gain vital skills and experience to improve the standards of maths teaching in St Helena’s primary schools.  The Committee was supportive of this training and was pleased to see focus being given to a vital subject in the curriculum. 

Carol commented:

“I am privileged to be given this opportunity to go on an exposure visit.  Being a St Helenian teacher and knowing the Island’s culture means I can focus on and select what is more likely to benefit our children in raising attainment.  More importantly, on my return I look forward to cascading the knowledge and skills gained to all primary teachers on St Helena.”


7 February 2014


Lauren Evans
Lauren Evans

The Air Access Office has appointed a new Deputy Airport Project Director (Environment & Operations) from 27 February 2014.

Lauren Evans (photo attached) joins the Access team on a fixed contract until 31 March 2016, and her main role will be to facilitate the delivery of the Airport Project, with particular responsibility for the environmental aspects of the project to be delivered by St Helena Government.

 Lauren said:

“At present there is a lot of work on overseeing the construction phase, but my role will also include leading on the delivery of SHG’s wider environmental responsibilities for certification of the Airport and the operational phase when it opens.”

Lauren will work closely with SHG colleagues, including in the Environmental Management Division within the Environmental and Natural Resources Directorate. She will also liaise closely with the environmental leads in Halcrow’s Project Management Unit, Basil Read, DfID and other environment interest groups.

Initially, Lauren’s main focus will be on the planning and preparation of work programmes related to the environmental aspects of Airport certification and operations.

Lauren commented on her new role:

“Being involved in the Airport Project is very exciting.  There will be several challenges ahead, but being able to contribute to the success of the project in this role is the real motivation.

“One of the main challenges will be to deliver the really diverse aspects of the project effectively and on time.  There is a lot of work ahead but I think St Helena Government, supported by the Access Office, is in a strong position to do this.” 

Lauren has worked for seven years for SGS (a global testing, inspection, audit and certification company) in various countries and in roles related to different aspects of environmental management.  In South Africa, she managed a department of auditors and consultants, and led on projects to audit environmental performance of companies including at large mining sites.  In the UK, Lauren worked as a consultant for environmental legislation, in Australia she managed an environmental laboratory, providing testing services and related technical advice. 

Lauren’s work is supported by a Bachelor of Science degree, and she is also currently completing a Masters of Science in Sustainability Management.


7 February 2014

Open to the Public from 9.30am

Executive Council will meet on Tuesday 11 February 2014 in the Council Chamber.

Starting at 9.30am, the meeting will be open to the public for the following agenda items:

  • Introduction of a New Housing Register and Allocations Policy
  • Sale of Government Landlord Housing
  • Application for Renewal of Broadcasting Licence – Saint FM Community Radio
  • Harbours (Prohibited Anchoring Area) Regulations, 2014
  • Information paper on Undertakings and Resolutions made at the Formal Meeting of Legislative Council held on 14 October 2013.

Following the discussion of these items the meeting will be closed to the public.

Executive Council Members are: Ian Rummery, Cyril George, Christine Scipio-O’Dean, Leslie Baldwin and Lawson Henry.    


7 February 2014

Governor Capes has today issued the Writ of Election, for the 12 March Bye-Election.

The Writ confirms the last day and time for receiving Nominations to elect a Member to fill the vacant seat on Legislative Council, following the resignation of Tony Green in December 2013.

The last day and time for nominations is 12 noon on Wednesday 26 February 2014 and all nominations should be delivered within this time to the Returning Officer, Mrs Gillian Francis, at the Castle, Jamestown.

If more than one valid nomination is received, a Poll will be taken. Polling Day will take place on Wednesday 12 March 2014, at the following Polling Stations:

• Blue Hill Community Centre

• Half Tree Hollow Community Centre

• Harford Community Centre

• Judges Lodge at Alarm Forest

• Kingshurst Community Centre

• Levelwood Community Centre

• Jamestown Community Centre, and

• Sandy Bay Community Centre

The Register of Electors has now been amended to take account of applications received and has today been published in an Extraordinary Gazette. This new Register will be used in the Bye-Election. Only those persons with their name on the new Register of Electors will be eligible to stand for Legislative Council, providing they are over the age of 21 years.

Only persons named on the amended Register will be able to vote in the Bye-Election. A copy of the amended Register of Electors can be found on the SHG website ( and at the following locations around the Island:

• All Community Centres

• The Public Library

• The Customer Service Centre

• The Post Office

• Half Tree Hollow Supermarket

• The Agriculture and Natural Resources Office, Scotland

• Head O’ Wain Clinic • Audrey Yon’s Shop, Blue Hill

• Sandy Bay shops,

• Silver Hill Shop, and

• The Longwood Supermarket.

Assistant Registration Officers in the different districts around the Island will also have copies of the new Register, together with nomination forms.

The Assistant Registration Officers are as follows: • Jamestown – Robert Essex, Alicia Thomas, Olive Williams, Douglas Bennett • Levelwood – Ronald Coleman, Pamela Joshua • Longwood – Paula Moyce, Christina Henry • Alarm Forest – Jane Augustus, Brenda Thomas • Half Tree Hollow – Karen Yon, Michelle Yon, Connie Johnson • St Paul’s – Alfreda Yon, Jackie Moyce • Blue Hill – Stedson Francis, Georgina Young • Sandy Bay – Alfred Isaac, Anita Legg.

The Assistant Registration Officer Gerrilyn Crowie, on Ascension Island, will also hold a copy of the amended Register. Alternatively, the Register is available from Corporate Support at the Castle – and further details may be obtained from the Registration and Returning Officer, Gillian Francis, at the Castle on telephone numbers 22470 or 22314 or via email:

Further information on the Bye-Election will be published in due course.


7 February 2014

Further to the announcement regarding the closure of the Wharf on the afternoon of Thursday 6 February through to 8.30am on Monday 10 February, HM Customs and the Port Authority wish to clarify that the closure on Saturday 8 Feb and Sunday 9 Feb will be to the general public only – and will not affect those who have sought and received prior authorisation from HM Customs or the Port Authority to access the area.


6 February 2014

Jan Anderson arrived on Island on 17 February on a three and a half month contract with the Heath and Social Welfare Directorate as an Electro Bio-Medical Engineer.

Jan explained: 

“Electro Bio-Medical Engineering is about taking care of various machines used to treat patients.  They can be anything from anaesthesia to incubator equipment.  I ensure all machines are working effectively and are properly maintained, and do not present a danger to the patient.”

Jan will register all medical equipment at the Hospital, repairing those that are damaged and sending several offshore for maintenance, as some cannot be repaired on-Island.  Additionally, he will set up a maintenance programme and arrange for adequate spare parts to be delivered to St Helena, to pre-empt the possibility of malfunctioning medical equipment.   

The biggest challenge for Jan is working alone – as opposed to the Hospital in Sweden, where he works with 60 colleagues in the electro bio-medical field – and the time it takes for the delivery of spare parts to the Island in comparison with the 24 hour wait in Sweden.  

Jan has worked in this field for 30 years, at Skane University Hospital.  He also has his own business, examining the condition of equipment used in plastic surgery and in animal hospitals.      



4 February 2014


Arriving on-Island on Thursday 6 February will be Inspector Matthew (Matt) Webb from Sussex Police in the UK. During his three weeks on St Helena, Inspector Webb will be working with the St Helena Police Service to develop Neighbourhood (Community) Policing on the Island.

Director of Policing, Trevor Botting, said:

“I am delighted that Inspector Webb will be working with local police officers to enhance community policing. It is vital that my policing team forge solid links with the community so we can understand what issues are important to them and work together to resolve them.

“Inspector Webb’s experience and knowledge will be invaluable in further developing policing on the Island that is locally delivered, trusted and engaged with the communities we serve.”

Inspector Webb has 23 years of policing experience and has worked extensively in Neighbourhood Policing, working with partners and the community to reduce crime and enhance community safety.

Director of Policing


4 February 2014


Due to the arrival of the RMS on Thursday 6 February 2014, the Wharf will be closed to the public and merchants from 2pm, or – in case of any changes in the scheduled arrival time – one hour before the RMS arrives. No collection of goods or cargo can take place after this time.

The Wharf will remain closed throughout Friday 7 February 2014 due to the visit of the cruise ship and the departure formalities of the RMS.

The Wharf will reopen for normal business at 8.30am on Monday 10 February 2014.


4 February 2014