Key Contacts (ENRP)

The key staff for each of the Division’s that can assist you with queries are provided below.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Scotland Offices, St Paul’s:

Telephone Number: 00 290 24724

  • Agriculture Section

Andrea Timm – Agriculture Development Officer

  • Veterinary and Livestock Services

Ken Henry – Veterinary & Livestock Services Officer

  • Biosecurity Section

Julie Balchin – Biosecurity Officer

  • Fisheries Section

Gerald Benjamin – Senior Fisheries Officer

  • Forestry Section

Myra Young – Forestry Officer

Larry Stevens – Forestry Services Officer     

Environmental Management

  • Environmental Protection Section

Isabel Peters – Chief Environmental Officer

  • Environmental Risk Management Section (including Waste Management)

Mike Durnford – Environmental Risk Manager

  • Terrestrial Conservation and Endemic Nurseries Section

Vanessa Thomas-Williams – Nursery Officer                     

  • Marine and Fisheries Conservation Section

Marine Centre, The Wharf, Jamestown
Telephone Number 00290 25966

Kirsty Jones – Marine and Fisheries Conservation Officer

Planning & Building Control Section

Essex House Office, Jamestown
Telephone Number 00 290 22270

Shane Williams – Planning Officer