Statistical Update: Population

The St Helena Statistics Office has released new estimates for the total population of St Helena, and the number of births and deaths. Please note that the population estimates are provisional.

At the end of November 2023 there were an estimated 4,293 people on the island, an increase from the end of October, when there were an estimated 4,184. Of the people on the island, an estimated 4,104 people were residents. This compares to an estimated 4,074 residents on the island at the end of October, and 4,196 residents on the island a year ago, at the end of November 2022.

Compared to the end of November 2022 there has been a decrease in the number of resident children on-island (0-14 years) and those of roughly working age (15-64 years), by 42 and 73 respectively, but an increase in those 65 and over, by 23. As a result the Old Aged Dependency Ratio of the resident on-island population (the number of those 65 and over compared to those of roughly working age) is estimated to be 46.5 at the end of November 2023, an increase compared to November 2022, when it was estimated to be 44.2.

A data file with monthly statistics on population estimates to the end of November 2023 can be downloaded here. The file includes population totals, arrivals, departures, births, and deaths.

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