Minister Brooks Delivers Budget Speech 2024/25 To Legislative Council

The Minister for Treasury and Economic Development Mark Brooks delivered the 2024/25 budget speech today, 3 June 2024, for St Helena to the Legislative Council. A copy of the budget speech is available online at

In his opening remarks, Minister Brooks said: 

Last year I used the Budget Speech to call for a change in mind-set.”

This year, it has become more apparent than ever that the island faces pressing issues that mean we must all work together to build a better future for our people.  The private sector, non-government organisations (NGOs), individuals and the government all have a part to play in this island’s future.  We all need to work as a team to achieve our common goals.”

“Our vision is to enable St Helena’s people to build their own futures and create their own opportunities, while not leaving anyone behind. To do this, we aim to create an enabling environment that allows people and businesses to thrive, while preserving what makes St Helena unique. We must also improve how SHG delivers as a government to ensure that essential services can be sustainably delivered into the future.”

The budget as presented includes a 3% increase (£1.0 million), in the Financial Aid settlement from the UK Government when compared to the budget for 2023/24.  This means total available funding from the UK Government of £34.1 million which includes a further £500,000 to continue to develop the tourism industry. In addition a further £1.0 million has been made available by HMG for essential equipment.

In his budget speech, Minister Brooks expressed gratitude to His Majesty’s Government for their continued support to St Helena through Financial Aid.  

In concluding his budget speech, Minister Brooks said:

“I started by thanking HMG for the ongoing support and I would like to end by thanking the Saint Helena community for all their support in making some of the highlights of the year a success.”

The Minister went on to summarise the recent successful visits of the Duke of Edinburgh, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the Show Case event and the British Islands and Mediterranean Regional conference delegation and then said:

“All of this Mr Speaker wouldn’t have been the success it was if not for the people of St Helena and I want to thank each and every one for making St Helena what it is.

We can hold our heads high and know that what makes St Helena truly unique is totally within our control and long may this continue.”

The motion to consider the Appropriation Bill 2024 now stands adjourned until Wednesday 5 June 2024, when the details of the Bill will be debated by Legislative Council. 

Allocations for recurrent expenditure proposed in the Appropriation Bill 2024 and the Budget Book are as follows: 

  • Central Support Service —£10,4 million
  • Attorney General’s Chambers — £0.1 million
  • Safety, Security and Home Affairs — £2.9 million
  • Judicial Services — £0.1 million
  • Treasury — £7.9 million
  • Police Operations — £0.9 million
  • Economic Development — £5.8 million
  • Education, Skills and Employment — £3.6 million
  • Health and Social Care — £9.5 million
  • Environment, Natural Resources and Planning — £1.7 million

The total amount proposed to be appropriated as recurrent expenditure in 2024/25 is £42.8 million.  In addition, £5.7 million for recurrent expenditure for pensions and benefits will be provided via standing appropriations. 

A further £0.6 million for capital expenditure will be provided across the following portfolios:

  • Safety, Security and Home Affairs
  • Economic Development
  • Education, Skills and Employment
  • Health and Social Care

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