Maritime Registry, Licensing and Safety Standards Information Meeting

The Maritime Authority is proposing steps to implement new registry and licensing of local vessels to cover necessary safety standards. To facilitate this, all boat owners are invited to attend an information session on the following topic:

Local Vessel Registry, Licensing and Safety Standards Policy

In a bid to enhance safety within St Helena’s waters, the Maritime Authority intends to introduce safety standards through a phased approach and a new policy to legally enforce the safety standards, however, this can only be done with the support of the local boating community. We would appreciate your attendance to gain your crucial knowledge and views to support the Maritime Authority in formulating a policy that meets the needs of St Helena’s Maritime community.

The information session is scheduled for 18:00 on Wednesday 3 July 2024 at Customs House, Jamestown Wharf.

Please advise your attendance by calling Mandy Constantine on 22750, or via email through by no later than Monday 1 July 2024.

For further information please contact Mia Henry, Head of Maritime by telephone on 25970 or via email through

We look forward to engaging with you.

International Day of the Seafarer

The Maritime Authority recognises the importance of International Day of the Seafarer and Safety Obligations.

Today we join the global maritime community in celebrating the International Day of the Seafarer on 25 June whereby we highlight the critical role that seafarers play in our lives and economy. This day serves as a reminder to appreciate the hard work and sacrifices made by seafarers who ensure the smooth flow of goods and trade worldwide.

For St Helena our connection with the sea is deeply valued. It is essential for us to recognise the safety obligations that come with supporting our seafarers. Ensuring the well-being and security of these maritime workers is not only a legal responsibility but a moral duty that we uphold with pride.

As we commemorate this important day, let us all take a moment to reflect on the significant contributions of seafarers and reaffirm our commitment to promoting their welfare and upholding safety standards in our community.

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25 June 2024

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