International Paramedics Day 2024: Honouring a Legacy of Care

Today, 8 July 2024, marks International Paramedics Day, a global observance recognising the invaluable contributions of paramedics worldwide. This date coincides with the birthday of Dominique-Jean Larrey, known as the ‘father of modern ambulance services’, symbolising the profession’s rich history and ongoing dedication.

Organised by the College of Paramedics in the UK and supported by paramedic organisations globally, this year’s theme, “The Difference We Make,” highlights the transformative impact of paramedics in diverse healthcare settings.

Paramedicine, a dynamic and rapidly growing profession, encompasses a broad spectrum of roles and responsibilities, from critical emergencies to compassionate patient care in quieter moments. In St Helena, since the introduction of paramedics in 2022, the ambulance service has expanded significantly, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing emergency care.

Michael Gaga-Hale, Emergency Operations Manager, expressed his gratitude:

“I extend heartfelt thanks to our dedicated team for their unwavering commitment to the St Helena community. I also acknowledge the sacrifices made by their families and former colleagues, who have all contributed to our service. It’s an honour to work alongside individuals like Patronella Mittens-Henry, Martin Andrews, T-Jay Coleman, Carl Thomas, Rae Dickie-Clark, Emma-Lee Cochran and many others.”

To celebrate International Paramedics Day 2024, a special gathering was held at the hospital, bringing together current and former ambulance service members in recognition of their exceptional service and dedication.


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