Draft Climate Change and Waste Management Policies (Three Year Review) – Final Public Consultation

A public consultation for a draft Climate Change Policy (3 Year Review) and draft Waste Management Policy (Three Year Review) commenced in December. The public are invited to a final meeting to discuss these draft Policies which will be held today, Thursday 8 February, at Kingshurst Community Centre at 18:30.

The draft Climate Change Policy aims to reduce the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions created on Island by making better use of natural resources, reducing the risks from weather-related hazards, ensuring that the protection and enhancement of the Island’s natural and cultural heritage is at the heart of economic development, in order to maintain a good quality of life for residents now and in the future.

Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, explains:

“Whilst St Helena’s contribution to the emissions that cause climate change is insignificant from a global perspective, there are still opportunities to achieve emission reductions that will have local environmental, health and economic benefits. ”

The draft Waste Management Policy aims to develop medium to long term goals to deal with the waste that is produced on the Island, in a manner that is efficient and sustainable in order to maintain a good quality of life for residents and visitors now and in the future and bring benefit to the environment of St Helena.

Mike further explains:

“If not properly managed waste is a problem because it, takes up valuable and limited landfill space, can cause pollution and other negative social impacts, uses up natural resources that could be used again, creates reputational impacts on eco-tourism and contributes towards Climate Change and a lasting problem for future generations.”

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