Update On Draft Immigration Policy

In our last update, we advised that a new draft Immigration Policy was being prepared.

The draft Immigration Policy has been finalised and is now open to final public comment. It can be viewed online at www.sainthelena.gov.sh/government/public-information/ from 12:00 on Thursday 04 April. Hard copies will also be available in the Public Library and Post and Customer Services Centre in Jamestown.

The Minister for Safety, Security and Home Affairs, Jeffrey Ellick, felt that work done previously on developing a new immigration policy was overly focused on border protection and operational issues. It did not go far enough to support growing the population, particularly the working age population, and they wanted to consider all options for opening up the island to encourage inward migration.

In late 2023, Minister Ellick instructed officials to take a strategic approach and develop options for addressing the immigration situation.

St Helena has an aging population with a declining working age population, resulting in economic decline. Labour shortages exist for a wide range of positions. There is a strong belief that immigration policy and legislation reforms are necessary to help to address the issue.

Increasing the population, in particular the working age population, is critical to growing the economy and sustainable prosperity for the island.

Minister Ellick commented:

“Changes to immigration legislation and practice alone will not be the magic bullet that makes the necessary difference to the population challenges that we face. These changes can however facilitate entry and welcome immigrants, whilst also maintaining border security. This government is committed to making the changes needed to attract people to come to St Helena to work, invest and positively contribute to life on our island. Other policies across SHG will also be amended in line with the immigration policy to help deliver this.”

A number of public meetings to discuss the final draft Immigration Policy will be held in the coming weeks.

These will take place from 19:30 to 21:00 on the following dates, and at the venues listed:

Date and timeLocation
Monday 08 April 2024Jamestown Community Centre
Wednesday 10 April 2024Kingshurst Community Centre
Thursday 11 April 2024Harford Community Centre
Tuesday  16 April 2024Half Tree Hollow Community Centre
Wednesday 17 April 2024Blue Hill Community Centre
Thursday 18 April 2024Sandy Bay Community Centre

If you have any questions or views on the draft policy in the meantime, please submit these to Head of Infrastructure and Strategies, Derek Henry, by email through Derek.Henry@sainthelena.gov.sh.

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4 April 2024

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