Clinical Negligence Compensation Scheme Update

On Friday 22 September 2023, SHG announced that an independently operated clinical negligence compensation scheme would be established to process and manage claims arising from treatment provided by Mr Sergio Villatoro-Bran. It had been discussed that the scheme include another doctor but SHG has decided to limit the scheme at present to patients of Mr Villatoro-Bran but retaining an option to extend the scope.  

Weightmans Solicitors were appointed by SHG to develop a compensation scheme that is cost-effective and equitable, for both claimants and St Helena as a whole.

SHG remains committed to delivering a scheme where claims will be assessed and decided by experts independently of SHG, at the same time as:

  • Allowing people who have suffered injury due to negligence to receive fair compensation, whilst eliminating the financial risk, time, and stress of going to court.
  • Ensuring people will not need a lawyer to access the scheme, although they may engage their own legal representatives at their own cost if they wish to.
  • Ensuring money spent goes to claimants rather than on legal fees.

Since September 2023, Weightmans, on behalf of SHG, have had extensive discussions with Hugh James Solicitors and the Public Solicitors Office about the development of a scheme. No other solicitor firms have expressed an interest in contributing to the discussions.

Hugh James Solicitors and the Public Solicitors Office have had a significant influence over the development of the scheme on behalf of their clients, and SHG is grateful for their contribution.

Balancing the needs of those who have suffered injury with the interests of the population as a whole is a significant challenge. However, SHG is confident that this can be achieved, and continues to work towards a scheme which will achieve this.

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