Waste Management Service Update 

Additional Communal Recycling Hubs

Waste Management Services (WMS) would like to advise the public that there are five new communal recycling hubs, with the inclusion of a brown bin for cardboard/paper. The hubs consist of separate wheelie bins, colour coded for the different types of recyclable waste.

Red – Glass, Grey – Plastics, Blue – Cans & Tins, Brown – Cardboard/Paper

The communal recycling hubs are located at (five new hubs underlined):

  • Briars – Near St Mary’s Church
  • Alarm Forest – Bus Shelter
  • Longwood – Piccolo Hill
  • Deadwood – Bus Shelter (pictured below)
  • Blue Hill – Near Moonshines Bar Car Park
  • Half Tree Hollow – Near Leon Plato’s residence
  • Half Tree Hollow – Andy’s Shop
  • Half Tree Hollow – Solomon’s Supermarket
  • St Paul’s – New Ground Bus Shelter
  • St Paul’s – Cleughs Plain Bus Shelter
  • St Paul’s – Kingshurst Community Centre
  • Sandy Bay – Bagley’s Point

These will be monitored and collected by a dedicated vehicle and transported to Horse Point Landfill Site. Once there, they will be sorted into the relevant waste stream and recycled. Recycling will consist of baling and local use, or baling and exportation to South Africa.

The overall goal is to reduce the amount of waste which is landfilled. This new service will achieve a key objective in SHG’s Vision and Strategy 2023-2025, further delivering on the ‘Altogether Greener’ strategic priority.

For further information on WMS operations and recycling, please contact Environmental Risk Management Officer Terri Clingham by telephone on 24724 or via email through terri.clingham@sainthelena.gov.sh.

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