Provision Of Chicks For Egg Production

On Saturday 13 May 2023, ENRP received a batch of 1000 Dekalb-Amberlink breed day-old chicks. The chicks will be quarantined for a period of four weeks, in line with biosecurity requirements, before being released for sale to the public.

In line with ENRP policy for the provision of chicks for egg production, priority for purchase of the chicks will be given to commercial producers. However, the contribution to the supply of eggs by smallholders is acknowledged and a number of chicks will be allocated to these producers.

The sale of chicks will be at the price of £3.00 per chick for all producers. ENRP is absorbing much of the costs associated with the importation and quarantine of the chicks, in an attempt to keep the cost of purchasing the chicks by end users down. This is in line with the SHG Vision and Strategy to facilitate actions to improve our self-sufficiency in local fresh egg supply for the community and encourage local production so that people have access to sustainable supplies of fresh produce.

The procedure for the sale of day-old chicks has changed from the previous “first come, first served” basis. Those wishing to register interest in purchasing chicks are instead now required to complete an application form.

The use of an application form will allow applications to be assessed for the allocation of chicks and provide ENRP with information around demand. Each application form will be assessed against a criterion and orders will be fulfilled based on a points system. At this time, preference will be given to commercial producers. Where demand allows, chicks will then be allocated to smallholders.

Anyone interested in procuring chicks is nonetheless encouraged to apply. ENRP is interested to know what the demand is for chicks on the Island. Information gathered from these application forms will therefore also be used as an indication for future importation of day-old chicks.

Application forms are available from the ENRP Reception at Scotland Office, or can be requested electronically via email through or can be downloaded here.

All completed forms must be returned to the receptionist at Scotland Office by Friday 26 May at 4pm.

Should you require any further information please contact the Livestock Services Officer, Ken Henry by telephone 24724 or via email though

Applicants will be notified from Thursday 1 June 2023 if they have been allocated chicks.

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