St Helena Firefighters Complete Training in the UK

Three firefighters from the St Helena Fire and Rescue Service (F&RS) have recently completed training in the UK.

On 4 September, Kyle Yon, Rhys Francis and David Young embarked on an intensive eight week Firefighter Development Core Skills programme at the Fire Service College in Moreton-in-Marsh, UK.

The course is an essential programme in the professional development of firefighters, ensuring that delegates develop a robust foundation of firefighting skills

The course was broken down into a series of modules, each with their own key learning outcomes. These outcomes provide the delegates with the foundational skills required to respond, prevent and adapt to the needs of the St Helena community. The course sets the foundation for further development and a successful career in the F&RS.

Throughout the course, each module brought a different challenge where recruits learnt new skills and had to demonstrate knowledge and understanding through assessments. The delegates grew in confidence as the course progressed, displaying a variety of personal qualities and F&RS values.

Delegate receives Silver Axe Award

The Silver Axe award is a long-standing tradition across the UK fire and rescue service. It is presented to the trainee firefighter who, in the eyes of the training instruction staff, displayed and maintained exemplary standards in all aspects of the training course throughout the eight weeks.

The Silver Axe award for this cohort, of over 10 delegates, was presented to F&RS firefighter Kyle Yon.

Lee Bransby, one of the course instructors, said:

“I would just personally like to say a few words regarding the latest cohort from St Helena. All three learners have conducted themselves in a very professional manner and have been a credit to the St Helena Fire and Rescue Service. I would like to single out Kyle Yon. He has without doubt put in 100% effort over the eight weeks training, making him a well-deserved Silver Axe winner. I’ve currently been in service 35 years and at the college for over 22 years. You will appreciate in that time I have had the opportunity to train hundreds of learners. Kyle has really impressed me and I am extremely proud of his achievements. He returns with the Axe; a very proud young man with a bright future.”

St Helena Brigade Manager Alan Thomas added:

I am tremendously proud of our three firefighters for the effort and commitment displayed throughout this eight week course, and more so to Kyle Yon for achieving the prestigious Silver Axe Award. His weekly reports showed consistency throughout the course; he absorbs information well and this has been reflected on all his levels of understanding. It has been a privileged to be part of his professional development over the years and I am so proud of his achievements. Kyle has a very promising career ahead of him. I wish him all the very best in his career path within the St Helena Fire and Rescue Service.”


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